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my Services

I breed, board and train dobermans.
Find out what makes me a little different from a typical breeder.


I raise all doberman puppies for the first 10 weeks of their life.


At 8 weeks, I take all puppies into our veterinarian to have their ears cut and taped to stand upright. This is required because without having their ears cut, they are likely to suffer ear infections and other painful ear problems in later life. After 10 weeks, you can take your puppy home with all shots/vaccines completed and ears taped.


I'd love to watch your dobie while you're away. 


Just note - I don't board dogs that I haven't bred. This is to ensure all dogs in my care know each other and get along.


I do basic puppy training for all dogs and am currently training service dogs. The training provided is individual to each dog based on temperament.  ​


I am happy to discuss any dobermans you have that may be in need of rehoming or "dobie rescue".


I often have a wait list of people specifically looking for a rescue dog, and I want to make sure all dobermans get the loving home they deserve.

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