Dawne Adams is a nurse and mother, as well as a native of San Diego, California.

When her daughter went off to college in 2003, she began breeding dobermans - a dog breed she loved from a very young age.

Over the last 16 years, her dobermans have successfully birthed many healthy, happy puppies. She owns a few herself - Titan, Delphia, Odysseus and Selene.

In 2010, she also began her love of toy schnauzers. She currently owns two - Sabrina (Brina) and Wolfgang (Woolfie).

Dawne's love of animals is echoed in everything she does, and she has a strong, nurturing nature, which enables her to breed and raise amazing dogs.

About me

“After my initial interview and approval from Dawne, I still had a number of months before Ozzie was born. At the time of birth Dawne allowed me to sit and hold puppies. Ozzie was the fourth puppy I held, he settled down in my arms and was immediately comfortable with my scent and feel. Dawne replied, 'That’s The One', stating 'The Puppy picks you'. And sure enough he is the one that exhibits all the traits we were looking for in a family member... if you’re committed and serious about owning and raising a Doberman Pinscher you’ll be in good hands.​"


Kyle from Menifee, California (Ozzie's owner)


“I would highly recommend Dawne as the breeder to go to for a doberman. She is always there day or night if you have any questions or concerns and keeps in touch with all her puppies and their owners. We also stay in touch with most of the owners of Luger’s litter and try to get the dobies together as much as possible.​


Gayle from Temecula, California (Luger's owner)


Dawne California

Dawne with her daughter, Nicole, in 2012.